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Custom Applicant Tracking System: XSeed

Custom Applicant Tracking System: XSeed


Are you a recent graduate or a seasoned professional actively seeking a job? Are you a busy business owner or project lead searching for new talent? Look no further than our custom platform, XSeed, designed to source open positions, and qualified candidates where other staffing agencies and tools can’t.

At tCognition, we are experts in the creation of custom Staffing and Information Technology enabled Services (ITeS), Outsourcing programs to meet the demands of our clients, regardless of industry or geographic location. Using industry-leading tools, like XSeed, we are able to source the right candidates to meet your specific needs.


Product Overview


XSeed is an online Applicant Tracking System serving employers and job seekers in all sectors of the community. The online platform offers a focused, user-friendly connection point for highly qualified candidates and employers needing to position job opportunities in the industry. XSeed provides a common platform for both job seekers and employers alike.

Whether you are an experienced professional who would like to take his or her career to the next level, or you are a recent graduate who wishes to explore new career opportunities, the XSeed job Portal is designed to help you find an opportunity that matches your passion. XSeed allows the direct interaction between job seeker and employer and provides an easy way for businesses to identify qualified applicants for the jobs.

XSEED Key Features

FilesCentralize Communications

Use XSeed to centralize everything so your team is always on the same page about the “whos,” “whats,” and “whens.”


Keep an eye on the stats and trends associated with users, groups, and divisions with our dashboards to help to keep everyone on track, and without getting bogged down with semantics.

CDAdvanced Job Search

Our Advanced Job Search functionality allows job seekers to search for job listings with detailed criteria. Job seekers can search by job type/term, company name, industry, function/category, keyword, and even by location easily.

Scissors-and-PaperResume Parser

The Resume Parser increases the productivity of any recruiter. You will more easily be able to populate your resume database pulling from various sources, and will then be able to add resumes to your database automatically. No more manual entry needed!

Prospective candidates can send their resumes to resumes@tcognition.com. Once a resume is received, XSeed will then validate the content, and parse it pulling out valuable candidate information.

Two-PeopleAdmin / Employer / Jobseeker

The XSeed dashboard provides a user-friendly, featured Admin/Employer/Job Seeker panel where you can easily manage users, resumes, profiles, etc.

RamJob Posting

Employers can post their job requirements, and easily apply filter options, enabling them to receive the resumes of candidates who match their posted criteria.

CameraVideo Resume Uploading

Our Video Resume Uploading feature is intended to put a spin on the standard resume of today. Job seekers will be enabled to upload a video resume along with a standard resume through this solution. A quality video resume can assist job seekers in more effective marketing themselves to potential employers.

Envelope-Paper-ClipEmail Parsing

The Email Parsing process begins when an email has been received at requirements@tCognition.com; anyone can send an open requirement to this email address. Once an email has been received, we will validate the address and extract (or parse) valuable pieces of the text from the email content.

Each extracted piece of text is called a “field value.” The predefined “field value” is used to identify a value (ex: Company Contact, Subject, Requirement Title, Name, State, City, etc.), and that text is then automatically collected within the XSeed platform.

CalendarEmail & Calendar Integration

Whether you prefer Outlook or Gmail, PCs or Macs, or anything in between, XSeed streamlines management of your digital life.

Alarm ClockStatus Tracking/Pipeline

From identification to submission, interviews to placements, XSeed applicant tracking software simplifies the process of recruitment every step of the way.


Use XSeed’s Custom Reports to drill down into user specifics, such as activity, goals, trends, etc.


Get In Touch With Us

At tCognition, we source quality candidates for companies around the globe. Learn more about our Applicant Tracking technology tool by visiting XSeed.com, email us as XSeed@tCognition.com, or to learn more about our other time-proven talent sourcing/placing methodologies call us at (617) 357-4636 or email us at info@tCognition.com.


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