Mobility is the new world order that is revolutionizing the way today's business enterprises operate, connect and transact with customers across the globe. Customers are increasingly becoming mobile dependent and in order to remain competitive, your business enterprise needs to leap onto the mobile bandwagon. The market for mobile applications is growing expeditiously and consumers are showing an inclination towards on-demand mobile services. All types of business enterprises are keen to leverage from the growing demand of smart mobile applications. Businesses are under enormous pressure to create an eco-system that offers customers access to on the go mobile services. Substantial investments are being made by businesses to create mobile software applications to help them keep connected with their customers 24x7.

Value Driven Services

tCognition understands how crucial it is for your business services to be accessible to consumers via mobile devices. We have been on the forefront of developing applications across diverse mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, App Porting Services). With our deep domain expertise in developing and deploying optimized mobile applications, we can help your business create mobile apps that streamline your services and are easily accessible to your customers. Businesses across the spectrum are keen to leverage on emerging mobile technologies and utilize its full potential by delivering value to their customers. Delivering world-class mobile applications, which stand apart from the competition, is the key value addition we provide to our customers.

Mobile Offerings

We offer diverse mobility solutions aligned with your long-term business requirements. We work with your teams to help you meet your strategic business goals. Our mobile solutions transform your business processes, which in turn help you to improve operational efficiencies. With our well-established, in-house Mobility Center of Excellence (MCoE), we are delivering innovative mobility solutions to our global client using advanced mobile technologies. Our broad service offering includes:

  • User Experience - Design prototypes and helping you define goals
  • Apps & Frameworks - Create Mobile Applications (Native, Cross Scripting, Hybrid, Web Apps)
  • Adapters - Enterprise integration services (SAP, Salesforce, etc..)
  • Mobile Apps Testing Services - Manual & Automated testing (Monkey Talk, DeviceAnywhere, PerfectoMobile)
  • Maintenance Services - Monitoring and Supporting Client Applications
  • Security - Enhanced security features

We offer world-class mobile solutions that help businesses connect with the customers seamlessly. Mobile Technology is on the rise as it offers highly portable and effective opportunities to interact with customers across the world. Our goal is to provide highly effective solutions utilizing the most innovative mobile technologies prevailing in the market. Our services enable business to offer highly personalized solutions to their customers, which helps in satisfying customers' demands. The solutions we offer are highly effective in increasing customer engagement and retaining them.

Mobile Tools & Technologies

tCognition offers world-class mobile solutions utilizing the most innovative tools and technologies on the market. Your business needs mobile applications that are built on current technologies to leverage the maximum out of the newer technologies. We focus on an anytime, anywhere business approach to help your business offer services on the go. Our mobile technology experts perform rigorous mobile application testing to enhance application performance. We keep focused on the mobile technology segment to keep a tab on the rapid changes in mobile technologies, which helps us to offer solutions that are built using the latest technologies. In addition to the above, we also offer ongoing maintenance of mobile application and products that we create. Our technical expertise includes:

  • Native mobile applications on all major mobile platforms - iOS, Android, Windows
  • Cross-platform mobile application development using PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium, HTML5 etc.,
  • End-to-end, enterprise mobility solutions using SAP's Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP), Rhomobile, Pyxis Mobile etc.,
  • Extensive experience in developing custom frameworks as well as using standard frameworks (MEAP) for faster development and testing
  • World-class application security features built around your applications
  • SaaS enabled end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions
  • Integrated mobile based social networking platforms
  • Synchronizing data between mobile clients & ERP
  • Customized mobile deployment & management dashboards
  • Enterprise workforce automation - mobility solutions
  • Mobile client version tracking, keeps a record of changes in the application

More Services

tCognition’s proprietary application development and maintenance services power your business to perform effectively in today's competitive business environment.

tCognition provides product engineering, R&D and product life-cycle support. With our deep domain expertise, we take complete responsibility of our client’s product lifecycle.

tCognition provides a complete bouquet of software Quality Assurance (QA) services with a proven track record of delivering high-quality,

Enterprise applications are a core component of your IT foundation. Integrating and aligning them with your business processes are necessary to building an efficient and adaptable IT foundation.