CRM Integration Services

We Integrate Anything to Any CRM That Carries an Open API

tCognition can integrate any given platform with any CRM with an open API. Our onshore/offshore development teams create complex, customized integrations at an extraordinary value.

We can create integrations that are often only possible with third-party middleware (like Zapier). Better still, we can also create integrations that operate and synchronize data in real-time.

Marketing, Financial and Customer Support Integrations

Rely on tCognition to integrate any and all marketing, financial and customer support platforms just to name a few. Our aim is to create an all-encompassing business system for your company. We want each part of the system to operate in a seamless fashion and "speak the same language" as your CRM.

More Services

tCognition can integration any given platform to any CRM with an open API.