tCognition's CRM Implementation Strategy

Implementation Process

We have a structured approach to any CRM implementation we perform. Each implementation includes a proprietary process starting with requirements gathering. From there, we complete the vendor selection process by find the right platforms. Once the right platforms are identified, only then do we move on to the next steps.

Vendor Selection

Again, a requirement gathering is always the first step in our vendor selections. We factor in long-term risk management strategies (such as identifying the stability of any given vendor), change management (what legacy systems - or old software platforms, are going to factor into this implementation?). In addition, we can help identify non-CRM technologies like marketing automation and financial / ERP tools to be integrated later on down the road.


tCognition develops apps within CRM that power your business to perform effectively in today's competitive business environment. We offer custom application development services utilizing proven software tools and technologies. We are known for high quality, cost-effective software application development services in and outside of CRM.


tCognition can integrate any given platform to any CRM with an open API. Our onshore/offshore development teams create complex, customized integrations at an extraordinary value. Rely on tCognition to integrate any and all marketing, financial and customer support platforms just to name a few.

User Adoption

Implementing CRM is one thing, getting people to use it is a whole different ballgame. tCognition's fulfillment teams make sure that we do everything in our power to make sure people actually use your CRM and other business platforms. This is the last step of any implementation, and perhaps the most important.


We won't leave you out to dry after any implementation is complete. We have large support staffs capable of overseeing full fulfillment and ongoing support capabilities. Unlike some other resell partners, you will always have someone to answer the phone as soon as you dial at tCognition.

More Services

tCognition can integration any given platform to any CRM with an open API.