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Choosing Developers for Apps: iOS and Android

Choosing Developers for Apps: iOS and Android

Choosing the right development agency to build your mobile app can be tough. Clients often come to us with many questions about the right ways to build and deploy their apps. Some common questions we get are, “Should we launch an iOS app first and an Android at the same time?” or “How big is your team?”. We wanted to put together this list of selection criteria to guide you in choosing the right company to build your mobile app.

Look for companies with strong quality assurance (QA) and testing capabilities –

Make sure you grill your app agency for their usage of automated testing tools. A solid QA team is one of the surest signs you are choosing good app developers. Some common tools for testing mobile apps are Appium and Selenium (our QA team uses both platforms). Without QA testing, your mobile app will be subject to bugginess and latency. To perform QA testing correctly, the company you work with should have a dedicated QA team with a least 2-3 QA specialists.

Negotiate rates to get your money’s worth –

When hiring an agency to build a mobile app, billable hours can stack up quickly. Make sure that if you’re paying high rates ($100-$200 / hr) that all development is being done onshore. Unfortunately, many agencies out there will charge an onshore rate only to offshore the development. Make the sure the developers come from the companies internal teams (check LinkedIn for a sizable development team). If you do pay less than $100 / hr, you may want to consider an onshore/offshore model to maximize your investment.

Choosing where to host the app –

If your company is aiming to build an enterprise-level mobile app, you may want to carefully consider the cloud hosting environment appropriate to the deployment. Companies like Amazon and Oracle are constantly fighting it out to make their environments better for mobile app deployments.

Understand iOS vs. Android –

choosing-developers-ios-androidTo understand if you should deploy an iOS and an Android app at the same time, you have to consider budget and customer base. Outside of the U.S., it is almost a no-brainer to do both. Many people outside of the U.S. do not have iPhones and thus Android tends to be more popular. The good news is, iOS developers typically have lower rates than Android. Consider your budget and location: if you are in the U.S. with a low budget, you might want to start with an iOS-only app. If you have a large budget, you should create both. If you have a small budget and you are outside of the U.S., you may want to consider an Android-only application.

Verify on Clutch –

Clutch is rapidly becoming the go-to source when comparing app development companies. Make sure the firm you select has a profile on Clutch. Be aware that not all reviews on the site are from current projects (you can submit past projects for review). Be sure to check out our own profile on Clutch or contact us directly if you are interested in our app development process.


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