Why tCognition?

We truly believe that “Only a cohesive team of highly motivated employees can provide truly differentiated value to our customers and help us as a business”. One of our Key differentiators is that we have only two stakeholders 1- Our Employees 2- Our Clients. We invest in building programs and initiatives throughout the year which creates a learning and fun environment for every one of us. This embodies our mission of providing our employees a platform to learn, grow and innovate.
Our employees at all levels have a say in our professional services, performance appraisals, talent management, and all aspects of our business.  In doing this, we will deliver enhanced value to our customers.

Culture @ tCognition

tCognition is known for being an employee friendly organization. We believe that employees are the greatest assets to the organization. We encourage our employees to provide their input and feedback to cultivate an employee friendly environment. The culture at tCognition is built on the below values:

  • We are a customer focused organization, where both external and internal customers are given the highest priority.
  • We empower & encourage our employees to be innovative and take calculated risks.
  • We believe in an open door policy, where communication between leaders and employees is encouraged, where leaders walk the talk and provide effective guidance to all employees.
  • We are highly flexible and adaptive towards change for the better. We provide utmost importance to any suggestions given by our employees.
  • Diversity is our key foundation and we encourage mutual respect for diversity and various ethnic cultures.

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