Big Data Analytics

tCognition recognized early on starting with the simplest Database, or Data Warehouse, that securing, managing, and processing in-coming and accumulating data presents a significant challenge to our commercial and enterprise clients alike.

Big Data personifies the growing era of “Need to Know”, IoT, and a feverish demand to structure huge amounts of data, all to enable instantaneous decision-making.

Omni-Data-Channels flood information into corporate data lakes and oceans by the millisecond in technology fields like Telematics (connected vehicle) and WebRTC (real time Video, Voice and Data communications) ecosystems, through web portals and all forms of terrestrial and extra-terrestrial communications, forcing organizations to either adapt or die in a world demanding instant gratification. tCognition has provided thought leadership in navigating through the murky waters of many data oceans, delivering timely Data structure to our Clients in Manufacturing, Retail, Banking, and Healthcare.

big data analytics image